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How long will the eyebrows last once they are done?

It depends on your skin. Everyone will heal differently, some will hold onto the pigment better than others. It may last up to 12-18 months, sometimes less sometimes longer. There is no guarantee how long it will last for you.

Does it hurt?

Everyone experiences different levels of pain, some may feel nothing while others may feel some pain. Most people describe it as a scratching feeling. Numbing cream is applied to minimise discomfort.

How long does the treatment take to apply?

Please allow between 2-3 hours all up, this includes your consultation, choosing colours and designing the shape. I am very thorough aim for perfection.

Do you draw them on first?

Yes, always. Your eyebrow area is measured and a template is drawn on to follow as a guideline, you may bring in photos of how you would like them but please remember that what may look good on one person may not be suitable for you as everyone has different eyebrow and facial features.

Who is best suited for feather touch eyebrows?

Anyone wanting fuller brows or who have no eyebrows at all! Suffering from only half a brow? Gaps? Uneven areas? Not a problem, I will give you back those eyebrows you once had!

Who is not suitable?


Suffering from cancer/undergoing chemotherapy
Suffers from major heart problems such as stroke/heart attack
Has diabetes type 1 (type 2 will require a medical clearance from your doctor)
Problems with skin healing
Blood disease
Weak immune system
Suffering from severe anxiety, if you are very unsure and having doubts, or overly worried that you may not like them, then it is advised not to get this procedure done. If you turn up to your appointment and decide you no longer want to go through with it you will forfeit your deposit.

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